• Who Pays for Health? Trends in ODA for Health - AfGH Report 2015

Join us at the EU parliament to debate on Financing for Health. See a program here.[more]

Take part in the survey and help further shape the implementation of UHC, how it is to be monitored, reviewed and corrected where needed. [more]

Universal Health Coverage – UHC is celebrated globally on December 12th. To support the global CSO call to action, UK AfGH CSOs draft recommendations on UHC addressed to the UK government. [more]

Subtitle CSO side events on accountability of Global Health in the new Sustainable Development Goals and new Monitoring & Accountability Frameworks Civil society must be placed at the heart of accountability efforts in order...[more]


AfGH organised this two-day technical roundtable with civil society, academics and key stakeholders to appraise existing proposals for measuring and monitoring national and global progress towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC)....[more]

Civil society organisations' recommendations on Financing for Development as a blueprint for how best to finance the future Sustainable Development Goal for Health. We call on the EU and its Member States to address the...[more]

This document outlines the recommendations drawn from a civil society roundtable discussion in Brussels, Belgium on 23-24 April, 2015. The meeting brought key stakeholders and civil society representatives from across Africa,...[more]

Making Universal Health Coverage a Reality