• Who Pays for Health? Trends in ODA for Health - AfGH Report 2015

Action for Global Health has been involved in multiple discussions with different alliances and consultation processes on the global health agenda. See below an update on where to find more information.[more]

Implementing the UHC 2030 objectives22-23 of June in Geneva A broader consultation process will be set up following the Steering commitee meeting and multistakeholder consultation to ensure CSOs are contributing to the...[more]

CSO reflections on global health accountability mechanisms being set-up [more]

Note for the Civil society engagement mechanism in UHC 2030: building an alliance to strengthen health systems

Options for an Accountability Framework for Universal Health Coverage: Consultation Report[more]


AfGH organised this two-day technical roundtable with civil society, academics and key stakeholders to appraise existing proposals for measuring and monitoring national and global progress towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC)....[more]

Civil society organisations' recommendations on Financing for Development as a blueprint for how best to finance the future Sustainable Development Goal for Health. We call on the EU and its Member States to address the...[more]

Making Universal Health Coverage a Reality