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AfGH keeps European donors to their financing commitments through its work on ODA for health.

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Who Pays for Health? Trends in ODA for Health - AfGH Report 2013

Ever wondered what your country is really investing in global health? Action for Global Health has launched a new report about Official Development Assistance (ODA) for health covering contributions by six key countries in the European Union (EU) – France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK – as well the EU Institutions.

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AfGH ODA for Health Tracker Tool

Click on the map go to our AfGH ODA for Health Tracker Tool and use our interactive maps to find out how much your country is really investing in global health and whether it is a good or bad performer.


India: Marginalised Groups and Access to Healthcare

India has seen huge improvements in the health system in the last decade but still specific vulnerable and marginalised groups do not have access to healthcare. Civil society has a critical role to play to ensure access to health care for these marginalised groups. To do so successfully, financial support from national and international donors is essential.


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