Measuring Universal Health Coverage: Recommendations from Civil Society on Indicator 3.8.2

There is unprecedented global consensus that Universal Health Coverage (SDG Target 3.8) means everyone can access the quality health services they need without being pushed or pushed further into poverty. It requires two indicators to capture coverage (3.8.1) and financial protection (3.8.2).
Recent changes to indicator 3.8.2 mean that we will not be able to measure how many people are suffering financial hardship to pay for the health services they need.
At the upcoming meeting on March 30th of the Inter-Agency Expert Group (IAEG) in Mexico, civil society have come together to urge all members to revise the Universal Health Coverage indicator 3.8.2.
• From “number of people covered by health insurance or a public health system per 1,000 population”
• To “lack of coverage by a form of financial protection.”
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